Dental implants: Long-term tooth replacement in Kennesaw, GA

Did you know there is only one tooth replacement technique that restores the appearance of your smile, reinstates oral function, and helps to preserve youthful facial structures? Dental implants have become a popular treatment choice in Kennesaw, GA for these and many other good reasons.

Implant basics

There are two parts to a dental implant procedure. First is implantation. Dr. Kalantari works closely with your oral surgeon to precisely plan ideal position and proper implant size. This little cylinder made of biocompatible titanium is then embedded in jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. The small soft tissue incision heals readily, and over the span of several months, the implant becomes fused with bone. Meanwhile, the doctor may cover the implant with a healing cap or provide a temporary restoration.

When integration is well-established, a post is inserted into the implant. A beautiful porcelain crown, cemented or screw-retained, tops the post, completing your restoration.


Additional benefits of dental implants

Kennesaw, GA patients also enjoy these benefits of dental implant treatment:

  • An implant becomes part of your body, so, with adequate oral care, it can last a lifetime. If the crown is ever damaged or dislodged, it can easily be replaced without disturbing the implant.
  • Your implant restoration requires only normal good oral hygiene. Just brush and floss it as you care for your other teeth.
  • An implant restoration looks very natural, blending into your smile unnoticeably.

  • It is sturdy! The implant functions so much like your own tooth that you won’t likely give it a thought while eating the foods you enjoy.

The most common use for a dental implant is replacement of a single missing tooth (or multiple teeth at various locations in the mouth), but that certainly isn’t the only application. This versatile technique can be used to anchor a dental bridge, replacing three to five teeth in a row with just two implants. Several dental implants in an arch hold a full denture, providing superior stability and comfort.