Veneers create show-stopping smiles in Kennesaw, GA

Some people are fortunate to have a straight, even, brilliant smile naturally. The rest of us can get that appeal with dental veneers. Patients come from across the greater Atlanta area to Dr. Kay Kalantari’s offices in Kennesaw, GA, for her experience and artistry with veneers.

What are veneers ?

Dental veneers are thin shells of lustrous porcelain cemented to the outside surfaces of anterior teeth – usually the front four, six, or eight in the upper arch. Each veneer is meticulously designed and fabricated to improve the appearance of:

  • Chips and cracks.
  • Stubborn discoloration or dingy enamel.
  • Natural enamel imperfections (pits, bumps, or grooves).
  • Teeth with odd shapes.
  • Teeth that look too short or long compared to their companions or to the amount of gum that shows.
  • Spaces between teeth.
  • Some misalignment – teeth that are shifted, twisted, or overlapping.
  • Worn down teeth (although a night guard should be used to protect veneers if you are a bruxer).

Veneers treatment in Kennesaw, GA: What to expect

Dr. Kalantari begins with a thorough examination of your mouth. Existing dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease must be addressed before cosmetic services are performed. Then, it takes just two appointments to transform your smile.

At the first, a tiny amount of enamel is removed from teeth that will have veneers. This allows the veneer to seat snugly at the gum line. You may be a candidate for no-prep veneers. This ultra-thin type requires no enamel reduction and allows the option of returning to your natural smile.

Impressions of your mouth are taken, and the doctor sends them, along with detailed shading information, to a dental ceramist. It takes the lab a week or two to handcraft your veneers. Meanwhile, temporary veneers are placed to protect your teeth from sensitivity.

When you return to Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point, temporaries are painlessly removed. Your new veneers are fitted, trimmed (if minute adjustments are needed), and cemented in place. With a final polish, your new smile is radiant.