Oral surgeons & endodontic care available in Kennesaw, GA

In our current healthcare culture, referral to specialists is common. In the care of Dr. Kay Kalantari, however, you can find most of the dental services you are likely to need (including those often referred out to oral surgeons and endodontic specialists), right here in Kennesaw, GA.

General dentistry helps you avoid major problems

Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point operates with a philosophy of prevention. Our primary objective is to help you avoid the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense of dental work. That is accomplished with a range of preventive services such as regular examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants, and patient instruction on home hygiene and nutrition.

Despite your daily care and our vigilance, however, dental problems can still occur. Dr. Kalantari is experienced in most treatments necessary to get you smiling again.

When do you need oral surgeons & endodontic specialists in  Kennesaw, GA?

While there are many types of oral surgery, ranging from cosmetic gum contouring to bone grafting for dental implants, the most common procedure is extraction. This involves:

  • Thoroughly numbing the area. Sedation may be an option if you are nervous about the extraction.
  • Excising gum and bone tissue if the tooth is impacted in bone (this step is not needed for a tooth that has fully emerged).
  • Cutting the tooth into several segments if it is a large molar.
  • Rocking the tooth to loosen it from supporting ligaments and bone.
  • Lifting the tooth out.
  • Possibly suturing gums.

Some teeth have just one, rather straight root. Others have multiple roots which may be curved or hooked. Dr. Kalantari handles the majority of extractions, including wisdom teeth. For complex extractions, she provides referral to a trusted oral surgery associate.

Root canal therapy is the endodontic procedure of removing of vascular tissue and nerves at the center of a tooth, to eliminate infection and halt pain caused by inflammation. This service is also performed at Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point in both acute and chronic cases. With the patient’s best interest always top priority, Dr. Kalantari may refer a complex root canal case to an endodontist.